Saturday, February 12, 2011

What can mom sew for boy?

How to make soft felted wool boat:
Needed materials:
1.Felted wool fabric.
2.Wool stuffing (or any other preferred stuffing)
4.Regular sewing thread
5.Embroidery floss.

Step 1:Cut all patterns from the paper.
Step 2:Sew two top boat pieces together from "A" to "B" leave bottom open,machine or hand sewing.
Step 3:Sew bottom from "A" to "B", leave opening to stuff the boat.
Step 4: Stuff firmly, sew opening with slip stitch
Step 5:Sew on sails with blanket stitch
Step 6: Embroider the drogue, ladder and life-buoy as shown on pattern.


Natalёk said...

супер, у тебя такая фантазия, кажется все можешь пошить :)

море нежности said...

Мне тоже иногда так кажеться :) но не надолго, пока не начну шить :)))

JulMiron said...

чудесная лодочка! пора воздушный транспорт шить)

Helena said...

просто замечательная лодочка!!!!!