Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What can mom sew for boy?

How to make soft Compass toy? Free tutorial.

Needed materials:
1.Two circles of felted wool fabric.
3.Regular sewing thread.
4.Embroidery floss.
5.Piece of cotton 8X4"
6. Batting stripe 3\4X7.3\4"
7. Velcro
8. Stripe of felted wool fabric 5.5X1\3"

Step 1: Cut all patterns out of fabric.
Step 2: Take Piece of cotton 8X4". Fold about 3\4" of short sides and press. Fold long sides to the center and press again. Fold on half and press again. Place batting inside and sew around. Sew on velcro. On the differend sides of strap(see pic.)
Step 3: Embroider the letters as shown on pattern. Sew on red and blue pointers as shown on pattern. Embroider the black button on center.
Step 4: Sew circles to the felted stripe with slip stitch and stuff.
Step 5: Sew compass to the strap with slip stitch.

You can make watches by folowing same steps.


JulMiron said...

чудесный компас!

море нежности said...

Ага, всегда показывает дорогу домой

JulMiron said...

хорошее предназначение! не потеряешься!
как вы себя чувствуете?
будет сын Рыбкой! мы с мужем тоже в марте родились)