Friday, February 18, 2011

What can mom sew for boy?

Space rocket with astronaut!!! Free tutorial.

Step 1:Cut patterns out of fabric.

Step 2: Sew three rocket pieces together, face to face, machine or hand sewing. from Start sewing from "C" to "B" and from "C" to "A" with each piece.

Sew astronaut body face to face, machine or hand sewing. Leave opening to stuff the astronaut.

Sew space for room inside the rocket, face to face.

Step 3: Sew triangle (each side 3.5 inch) on bottom of the rocket (a,b,d).

Step 3: Turn inside out from rocket's door.

Step 4: Stuff firmly the rocket, leave some space for the astronaut's room. Turn about 0.3" of the blue room fabric and press. Put fabric inside the rocket and secure with two pins. Sew together with slip stitch.

Step 5: Turn inside out the astronaut body. Stuff firmly, sew opening with slip stitch. Embroider the face and hands as shown on pattern.

Step 6: Sew on portholes as shown on pattern. If you make this toy for a child who did not put toys in the mouth you can add colorful buttons on a side of the rocket.


Tyulka said...

Отличный космонавт! Здорово! Спасибо за выкройку!

Helena said...


JulMiron said...

с местом для космонавта классно придумано

море нежности said...

Сейчас девочки интернет скушал пол поста!!!! Буду исправлять, егодня блогер мне не дает ни фотки загружать ни писать.

Tanja said...

Очень классная ракета! Спасибо за подробные объяснения :) Мой сын будет рад такому подарку!

море нежности said...

пусть будет больше добрых игрушек, пользуйтесь. И спрашивайте если что.

Natalёk said...

супер, идея отличная

ANNA D. said...

Маруся спасибо за замечательные идеи,великолепно!Обязательно сошью!

mezeiorsi said...

Wow, it is amazing!Thank you for the idea. I going to do for my son.
Orsi from Hungary

море нежности said...

you are so welcome!! Sew mama sew!!